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Improving the technology of cold rolling of electrical steel, providing greater stability of the process.

Period: 2003-2004
Customer: OJSC "NLMK"

The aim of the work is to improve the technological modes of electrical steel rolling in 4-stands 1400 mill of SRS-5, providing greater stability of the rolling process and reduce strip breakage.

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The main results
1. The analysis is fulfilled of the rolling process stability on a 4-stands 1400 mill NLMK and breakage of rolled strips. Opportunities are identified to reduce breakage during strip rolling of the most problematic in this sense metal - with thickness of 0.48 mm of high-silicon ([Si] = 4%) steel.
2. Analysis of the results of industrial-scale experiment showed that the proposed mode of strips rolling reduced strip breakages compared to the baseline from 30.8% to 22%, a 8.8% absolute and 28.5% relative.

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