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"Metalltehnomash" Ltd. (MTM) was founded on the basis of the Thin Sheet Production Department of Iron and Steel Institute NAS of Ukraine in 1993 and is located at the housing of Rolling Departments of the Institute.

Business focus is a development and an implementation of technologies, methods of calculation and the control of production processes of high-quality rolled steel strips.

The MTM engages in the implementation of the new developed and tested technology elements in a production practice of industrial high output rolling mills to maximize the productivity and improve the quality parameters by flatness, accuracy in thickness, surface condition and the mechanical properties of the finished product.

The MTM activity is related to the provision of scientific and technical services in the area of theory, technology and manufacturing practice of rolled sheets. The company carries out scientific researches, develops in-house special purpose software for a mathematical modeling and an optimization of steel and alloys thin strips production, as well as rolling process control.

The most significant developments of MTM:

There is a detailed information about the activities of MTM, possibilities of providing scientific and technical services in the sections "Projects", "Software" and "Services" .

We are open for cooperation.

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Director of "Metaltehnomash"
Dr. of Technical Sciences

Igor Yu. Prykhodko

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