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Software title
WinColdRolling © - program for calculating the parameters and optimize the processes of cold rolling and tempering of strips of steels and alloys.

The functional purpose
The program is designed for calculations of energy-power, kinematical, thermal and other process parameters of multi-pass cold rolling and tempering of strips, as well as to optimize the speed of deformation and heat-power modes of rolling.

The main functional advantages

Capabilities of the system allow to analyze in detail the continuous rolling process for operating mills (including the probabilistic viewpoints), to carry out calculations of temperature and energy-power parameters of the cold rolling process, accuracy parameters, strip flatness and surface micro-geometry, rolls profiling, the volumes of supplied coolant, to optimize rolling conditions with the aim to improve the flatness of the strips, mill productivity, to reduce specific process energy consumption with taking into account a complex of known limitations based on the developed criteria and a fast optimization algorithm, to minimize the risk of vibrations and rolls slipping by changing modes of reduction and tension, to determine the possibility of steels rolling of various grades for the existing and being designed equipment, to determine the final thickness of the strip by the specified input thickness and vice versa, as well as to identify the best mode of rolling, based on specific tasks.

The computer system is a part of the methodology of scientific and practical problems solving, in particular, the tasks of an effective rolls cooling of sheet rolling mills for various purposes with an adequate assessment of the technical parameters.

Individual components of the WinColdRolling are used in automatic control systems of cold rolling and strip tempering processes. WinColdRolling components can serve as the basis of the upper level of the automation systems of cold rolling mills.

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