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Software title
HRSProfileControl - program for calculating the cross-section, the flatness of strips and control impacts during hot rolling.

The functional purpose
HRSProfileControl provides calculation of the components (the wear and elastic deformation, thermal expansion, the profile of rolls) of the strips cross-section in hot rolling in the finishing group of stands WS HRM, and reversible one- or two-stands Steckel mill with coilers in furnaces.
The program is designed to assess the effectiveness of various control algorithms for transverse profile and flatness of the strips in the mills, equipped with complex of control tools, such as changing the relative orientation of the rolls (parallel, crossing the axial shifting), forced bending (+/-) and thermal profiling (change of the total flow rate and / or by zones). It is possible to simulate the use of tools in various combinations.
Depending on the chosen set of tools and programs rolling program allows you to select the optimal parameters work and backup rolls profiles, as well as the range of control action.

The main functional advantages

Algorithms implemented in HRSProfileControl, designed for use in automatic control systems transverse profile pages to WS HRM.

Examples of dialog boxes of HRSProfileControl program

(two-stands Steckel mill)

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