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Software title
CoilTemper3D - program for calculating the thermal and the stress-strain state in the process of coils rolling-winding and to predict the conditions (intensity) of turns adhesion in the process of heat treatment of coils in bell-type furnaces.

The functional purpose
CoilTemper3D program is designed to calculate time dependent heat (thermal) and the stress-strain state of cold rolled strips taking into account the initial non-isothermal conditions of coiling, flatness and surface roughness of the strips, as well as modes of coils heating and cooling in bell-type furnaces for a given heat transfer coefficient and the cyclograms of the protective gas temperature.

The main functional advantages

The computer system is part of the methodology of solving scientific and practical problems of improving the quality of the surface of cold rolled strips in coil method of production.

CoilTemper3D may serve as a means of optimization of technological modes of rolling, coiling, and recrystallization annealing of cold rolled strips in bell-type furnaces, minimizing the probability of occurrence of surface defects of strips such as "bending lines" (so-called "fraction"), marks of turns slipping (scratches), as well as to monitor the stability of coils sinking under their own weight or the occurrence of defects of winding coils such as "bird" (when the internal turns of a coil, losing stability, violate a round shape, making it impossible the further processing of the coil).

Examples of dialog "Enter the initial data"

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Examples of dialog boxes, "Analysis of the results"

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