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Scientific and technical audit – is a structured process, whose goal is a comprehensive, systematic study of technology and performance of the rolling mills. An audit includes examining of technology, equipment, automation systems and operational practices to determine their impact on the quality and performance. The results of the audit are:

  • conformity assessment of technological modes of production to the best analogues;
  • assessment of productivity, which determines whether the work of the mill or other aggregate corresponds to world level achieved in the given industry;
  • diagnosis of the causes of specific manufacturing problems;
  • recommendations and design solutions to address existing problems.
Scientific and technical audit of the existing cooling system of rolls in finishing stands of hot strip mill 2000 of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine and study of system performance improvement opportunities

The aim of the audit is to identify shortcomings of the existing cooling system of work rolls in finishing stands, suggest possible options for increasing its effectiveness and determine the appropriate technical measures.

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The main results
1. The researches conducted, shortcomings and problems are identified of the existing system of rolls cooling. Values of uneven cooling and temperature gradients are determined along the length of rolls barrel, the parameters of the cooling system efficiency, location of inaccurate collectors manufacturing and orientation of nozzles mounting seats in the collectors.
2. On the basis of measurements using the method of experimental determination of the rolls cooling topography (Spray Impact Method), it was determine the real scheme of work rolls cooling in all the finishing stands. It is shown that asymmetry in the upper and lower rolls cooling, and revealed causes of uneven cooling along the length of work rolls barrel. In combination with measurements of the temperature of rolls (as well as other parameters of the rolling process and cooling) that allowed to adapt a mathematical model of thermal state of the rolls and to determine the feasibility of improving the existing cooling system.
3. Four options are proposed of the cooling system modernization. Through simulation it is shown what the temperature of rolls in the finishing stands of mill can be achieved for each of the upgrade options. Description of the advantages and disadvantages of each option is given.

Scientific and technical audit of production technology of flat products in the shop number 3 AZOCM;
scientific and technical expertise of cold rolling mills, "Kvarto-400/1000h1200 SCODA», «Kvarto-250/750h900 (№ 11)", "Kvarto-150/500h450" and "Kvarto-375/1000h1000 (Tandem 1000)" AZOCM

Period: 2007
Customer: SSPE "Industrial Computer Systems"
The main customer: AZOCM

The aim of the audit is to make recommendations to modernize the equipment of rolling mills, equipment instrumentation and automation systems to improve quality of strips - namely, reducing the gage, flatness variation and improve the quality of the strips surface.

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The main results
1. Comprehensive analysis is carried out of products quality.
2. With the help of own equipment and assessments methods measurement are fulfilled of equipment deterioration of rolling mills. In particular, using the original method the backlashes are measured in the drive lines of the rolling mills, vibration levels of equipment, the stiffness of the stands, precision of products.
3. Discovered the basic problems in production technology and equipment, determining the quality of products.
4. In view of the customer's requirements in respect to products quality recommendations are developed on technological modes, schemes of production, as well as equipment modernization and automation of rolling mills.

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