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Development of efficient low-cost solutions to improve the work rolls cooling system of finishing stands of WS HSM 2000.

Period: 2004-2005
Customer: OJSC "NLMK"

The aim of the work is to analyze the current state of the work rolls cooling system and preparation of proposals to improve its efficiency at minimum cost in the shortest possible time.

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The main results
1. It was determined the values of uneven cooling and temperature gradients along the length of rolls barrel, the parameters of the cooling system efficiency, places of inaccurate collectors manufacturing and nozzles seats orientation in the collectors.
2. Stability studies of rolls temperature, their wear and the cross-sectional profile of the rolled strips revealed the reasons for the formation of local thickenings and thinning on the transverse profile of hot-rolled strips.
3. On the basis of measurements and by using the method of experimental determination of the rolls cooling topography (Spray Impact Method) it was determined the real scheme of work rolls cooling in all finishing stands, which, combined with measurements of rolls temperature (as well as other parameters of the rolling and cooling) allowed to adapt the mathematical model of the thermal state of rolls and to determine the possibilities of the existing cooling system improving.
4. The necessary types, the total number of nozzles and the parameters of their orientation are adjusted, collector design is developed that will improve the efficiency and uniformity of rolls cooling. It is achieved the work rolls temperature reduction in the most heat-loaded stands by 5-6C, which provided a reduction of rolls wear, thus, improving the surface condition of hot-rolled strips and reduce local thickening of the transverse profile.

Survey of the coolant supply system on the mill rolls of 4-stands 1400 SRS-5 and development of recommendations for improving its effectiveness

Period: 2005
Customer: OJSC "NLMK"

The aim of the work is to conduct a survey, fulfill analysis of the current coolant supply system, as well as the preparation of proposals for improving its efficiency.

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The main results
1. Determined local and general problems of the existing system of coolant supply on the rolls.
2. Investigations are carried out of the rolls operation temperature, it is shown significant unevenness of temperature fields along the length of rolls barrel, which reduces the flatness of the surface condition of strips, as well as increases the thermal stresses in rolls and their spalling.
3. Proposals are prepared to improve the efficiency of the coolant supply system. In particular, the parameters are calculated of coolant supply on the work and backup rolls depending on their purpose and placement (types of nozzles, their flow rate characteristics, angles of sprays, angles of nozzles inclination фтв installation into collectors, step of nozzles).

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