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The quality of metal and, in particular, of the rolled strip is crucial to the competitiveness of products in many industries. MTM has experience in effectively and efficiently solving the problems of rolled products quality related to the precision of thickness, flatness, surface conditions and mechanical properties of rolled products.

MTM commonly with ISI NASU developed methods for predicting the structure and mechanical properties of hot-rolled carbon and alloyed steels, which are realized in computer programs. These methods are based on calculations of temperature and deformation parameters of strips rolling, ranging from billets heating to deformation in the finishing stand, as well as cooling conditions post-deformation cooling of rolled strip up to the temperatures, at which phase transformations in steel no longer occur. Simultaneously, austenite grain sizes in the rolling process and the phase composition of the steel after rolling and cooling of the metal are calculated. The mechanical properties of steel (yield strength (YS), Ultimate tensile strength (UTS), elongation (EL)) are calculated as a function of steel chemical composition and structural characteristics: the ratio of the phases (ferrite, pearlite, bainite, martensite), the grain size of ferrite, pearlite interplate distance.

These developments can be used with the aim of:

An important factor in improving the quality of cold rolled strips in large coils is the creation there an optimal thermal and stressed state. Otherwise, defects appear on the strip surface, which does not allow fully use the continuity of the processes, reduces their productivity and increases the rejection of finished products.

It is applied modern methods of research, information technology, structured procedures for audits of technology and equipment of plate rolling production and the original software. In particular, the technological solutions of MTM, expressed in the form of recommendations, control systems (VCS and AFC), and technological regimes have provided a double improvement of cold rolled strips flatness on a continuous cold rolling mill, a 10-30% improvement in the flatness of the strips on the temper mill, reduced by 25 % cold rolled strips rejection by defects " kinkiness lines" (so-called "stickers") and decrease the probability of occurrence of periodic surface defects such as "shadow bands", "chatter marks"

MTM offers the comprehensive services that enhance the quality of rolled products.

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