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In the arsenal of MTM , there are structured approaches, computer simulations tools and methods for solving problems related equipment productivity increasing and technological lines of rolled products production, in particular, wide strip hot rolling mills, continuous and reversible cold rolling mills, endless cold rolling mills, the combined units of the pickling line and cold rolling mill, continuous pickling line and batch type pickling lines.

Improving performance of continuous aggregates can be achieved not only by balanced operation of their individual units, but also by modes of rolling processes, pickling, optimal technological schedules of production for maximum overall performance. As well by addressing specific problems, such as strip surface defects of thermal origins, vibration of mills, periodic surface defects, strip breakage. We own a set of methods, developed recommendations and industrial control systems that enhance productivity of plate rolling machines, while maintaining a high level of product quality. Thus, the vibration and speed control system (VCS) of a continuous cold rolling mill allowed a 10% increase the speed of rolling for strips with thickness less than 0.8 mm without periodic defects of strip surface, with zero breakage of strips associated with the resonant vibrations of the mill. Recommendations for the technological regimes of cold rolling of high-silicon steel strips allow a 30% reduction of strip breakages. Optimization of technological modes of hot and cold rolled strips, in particular, by choosing the optimum thickness of hot rolled steel, can improve the overall performance of the processes by 5%. It can be implemented the effective solutions to ensure maximum performance in cold-rolling shops during the stops for the reconstruction of a continuous pickling line, and in many other cases encountered in practice.

MTM offers the comprehensive services that increase the production of hot rolled and cold rolled strips.

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