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MTM has developed a set of software products for automated analysis and verification of data on the transverse profile of hot-rolled strips HRSProfileAnalisys and flatness of cold rolled strips FlatnessAnalisys. Software products can be used at remote workplaces in continuous monitoring or data analysis mode with the ability to determine the causes of products nonconforming to orders.

HRSProfileAnalisys - software for automated parameter estimation of the transverse profile of hot-rolled strips and for determination the critical parameters of local thickening. In particular, the parameters of local thickening of the transverse profile automatically identified by the system in terms of the further transformation in the process of cold rolling with the prediction of local flatness or the so-called "gutter." At the same time evaluated the possibilities and conditions of selective rolls cooling in cold rolling. Assessments take into account not only height, but base width of local thickening.
The program can also calculate the change of target flatness diagram of cold rolled strips (depending on the profile of the outer profile and radius of coil), assigned in an automatic flatness control system of the strips in the cold rolling mill.

The system FlatnessAnalisys of strip flatness analysis allows a detailed independent assessment of the actual cumulative performance based on the strips flatness measurement data, including batch processing of a variety of rolled strips with the definition of the suitable output product. This is important in the stages of guaranteed parameters evaluation of automatic flatness control systems commissioned for the permanent industrial operation, and for a competent formulation of technical specifications for AFC and monitoring their fulfillment. The importance of such a system lies in the fact that the regulated by standards parameters of strips flatness (expressed as the wave height of not flattened strips) and measured under tension in the mill (expressed in the form of I-Unit values distributions) do not match.

The system also allows continuous diagnosis of the nozzle and valve systems of selective rolls cooling on the basis of feedback from the results of the strips flatness control.

MTM offers software for automated rolled sheets quality control, which can be adapted to conditions of specific enterprises. They can be used as separate modules within the ACS, as well as computer tools for data analysis in technological departments of companies.

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