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MTM has highly qualified scientific and technical personnel in the following subject areas:

Scientific and technical consulting services may be as independent expertise of tender propositions for the construction of plate rolling plants, individual units and automatic control systems. Based on comparative performance analysis and forecasting of achieved quality and performance parameters, specialists of MTM can choose the best option for upgrade.

Also, scientific and technical consulting services can be provided in the preparation or optimization of existing specifications for hot-rolled steel within an enterprise with providing a given level of flatness of cold rolled strips and the distribution of influence on the poor flatness of products between hot and cold rolled steel production units.

Areas of expertise:

Computer simulation tools

Providing of qualified scientific and technical consulting services is supported by the presence of the complex of specialized computer systems developed for engineering calculations and optimization of rolled products production processes, as well as finite element models.

Examples of provided scientific and technical consulting services to enterprises:

On the basis of the developed computer systems and methods of experimental research, the methodology of scientific and technical audits of technology and equipment sheet rolling mills. In particular, as a result of scientific and technical audits of cooling rolls WS HRM 2000 MMK (RF), 2000 NLMK (RF) and the coolant in the cage CCRM 1400 NLMK (RF) has developed proposals to improve their efficiency, which are implemented in an industrial environment.

In the framework of scientific and technical audits of technology and expertise of a number of mills recommendations were developed for improvement of strips production technology of copper and its alloys AZOCM (Ukraine), rational directions of rolling mills modernization were determined, which were the basis for developing a business plan for the modernization of production.

Services are provided in the agreed subject area under the relevant contracts for the providing of scientific and technical consulting services, audits and expertise.

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